Are you interested? You should be. The “Genius in 21 days” course. This is the only advanced learning techniques course in the world that’s delivered every month in 48 locations spread over 5 countries: Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and, of course, the United Kingdom. This means that more than 600 people are trained every month, a rate which increases every year.

What will you learn?

Through our “Genius in 21 days” course, you will acquire the most advanced learning techniques in the world. These include:

1. How to organise your time
2. Relaxation techniques to use anytime and anywhere
3. How to maintain high levels of concentration
4. How to build creativity throughout your life
5. How to remember numbers and digits
6. Learn one or more foreign languages
7. Remember names and faces, for as long as you need
8. Using classifications and lists for future recall
9. Understand and pronounce specialist and complex terms
10. Using and searching for keywords
11. Improve attitude and motivation
12. Learn how to use Mind Maps
13. Improve your long-term retention of information
14. Increase your speed reading
15. Improve your public speaking and presentation skills

How long is the course?

Group training over one weekend. It will be intense for sure, but you’ll also learn how to have fun whilst working hard! We will focus on learning all the memorisation and organisation techniques. You will memorise foreign words, numbers, abstract words and dates. You will learn how to create and use mind maps, how to commit information to your long-term memory, how to focus and concentrate better, and how to increase your creativity. By the end of this weekend, you will be able to save at least 30% of your time whenever you need to learn or organise anything.

Group training to be held once a week over four weeks:
Here we will focus on:
1. Speed Reading: At the end of the month, you will be able to read at least twice as quickly with your comprehension remaining the same or improving.
2. Deepening Techniques: time management, further uses of memorisation techniques, and how to get from zero to fluent in any foreign language.
3. Public Speaking: in a very practical session, you’ll learn strategies to increase the quality of your public speaking, irrespective of your starting level.

1. Personal tutoring to be used whenever you want. Here we will work together on applying the techniques on anything you’d like, and showing you how to get the best results for your particular goals.
2. The possibility to re-take the “Genius in 21 days” course once for free.

All materials are included without charge.

Welcome to a new future full of excitement, growth and unlimited opportunities!

What people are saying

“This is by far the best course I've ever attended with 100% proven results. No matter what your limiting beliefs our in the beginning, mark my words they will be NO MORE on completion! ”

Nikhil Bhola

“I have learnt methods and techniques in order to learn things I didn't think were achievable or possible. I came with some goals... and I leave with even more. ”

Misia Emily Louise Pegg

“This wasn't what I thought, instead it blew my mind!The team that work with you are truly devoted and give you everything they have! It's shown me so much and what I am actually capable of! ”

Sarah Houghting

“It is a mind blowing training that will totally transform your life. My goals are so clear and i am ready to build my biggest ever project thanks to the amazing skills i have learned from this course.”

Elin Sandal