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5 Steps to Beat Laziness

It happens to everyone. One day you wake up, you know what you should do, you know where to start, but you simply feel you don’t want to; you’d rather do anything else.

You want to revise for an exam but everything else seems more appealing. You want to learn a language, but today, it just doesn’t feel that urgent anymore.

In those moments it’s important to follow a series of steps:

1) When you plan, include breaks.

This is a step you need to take care of in advance, before that day comes. Plan properly. If you don’t include any breaks, your body and mind will burn out. It is no wonder that you may feel unmotivated if you are worn out.

2) Accept that it’s alright to feel unmotivated at times.

Too many times, people take the momentary lack of willpower as a sign of their lack of interest in the whole project. It’s not true. As human beings, we have a lazy part that is not just inevitable but also necessary for our evolution (if we know how to tap into it).

3) Use concentration techniques.

If studying (or taking that action) is a part of your plan in this specific moment, apply concentration techniques to ask yourself to do it anyway (you can use the TV Series Technique, the Tangerine Technique, the Hourglass Technique and so on).

4) Celebrate and Analyse.

After you have finished your session, celebrate how consistent you are becoming and then analyse the reasons why you didn’t want to do it.

Were you tired? Do you need to find ways to enjoy the process more? Was your sense of self-effectiveness lacking? Was the deadline too far away in time? .

5) Adapt.

According to the reason, apply a different strategy to prevent yourself experiencing this feeling you next time.

'The momentary lack of willpower is not a sign of your lack of interest in the whole project'

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