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My name is Zachin Rao. I am a student at Tulane University in New Orleans, ...

Zachin Rao

University Student
I came to this course primarily to explore and find ways to improve memory – ...

Mikhail Volodchenko

Income Analyst
Genius in 21 Days has had the most positive impact on my life. The number ...

Emma Allsop

We signed up to Genius in 21 Days as a family – my wife and ...

Marco Gregotti

Managing Director
I attended the course last March and I was utterly blown away all of the ...

Vijay Chhaya

I work in the Finance sector as a Data Administrator. I took this course last ...

Jerome Williams

Financial Data Administrator
I work at London Stock Exchange Group, working in their Global Business Development team. My ...

James Goodwin

Client Relationship Manager
In November 2011 I took the Genius in 21 days course in Italy because I ...

Tommaso Lucentini

Marketing Director
I remember during the initial day of the demo I must have been the biggest ...

Alexander Easaw

Senior Consultant
I am a doctor, author and created of a tool to help fight infections and ...

Dr. Kadiyali Srivatsa

I specialise in implementing and maintaining HR and Payroll systems.  I currently work for a ...

Mohammad Rehman

HR Manager
This is to say a big Thank you and to congratulate you for delivering a ...

Paulina Ajavon

SEN Teacher
Before taking Genius in 21 days, my confidence and motivation at work was very low ...

Tarun Manchanda

Senior Risk Manager
When I first came to Genius in 21 Days, I was sceptic. I didn’t want ...

Simon Vincent Herald

I took the Genius In 21 Days course to improve my memory retention, speed of ...

Daniel Dakwah

Two months after the course I have achieved my goals. I have learnt 1000 English ...

Guillaume Bauwens

I left the police service in 2007. Since then I have worked for the Fédération ...

John Chatterton-Ross

Director of Public Affairs
I started the course with a great deal of doubt, and this is probably one ...

Nathan Gonsalves-Williams

Financial Consultant
I did the Genius in 21 days course in January and I have to admit ...

Stella Maher

I took the course a few months ago and found it transformative experience. I am ...

Stuart Duff

Chartered Chemical Engineer

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