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“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”

Ralph Marston


So, how will you make me a Genius?

Maybe you are asking yourself: what will I learn by taking the course?

Here is a short list of the some of the techniques you will learn.


Imagine if you could go home knowing you’ve done everything you had planned (or even more!)…

…You will learn how to manage the time at your disposal to do a lot more things with a lot less stress.


Imagine if you could stop feeling anxious when you’re under pressure…

… You will learn to manage stress and anxiety during any kind of performance, such as exams, speeches, or interviews, and when deadlines are approaching.


Imagine if you could stop being distracted…

…You will learn all the necessary tools to remain 100% focused whilst carrying out any type of task, no matter how tedious it may be, how tired you are, or how busy your mind is.


Imagine if you could consistently come up with useful ideas to solve problems and raise the bar in your business, in your studies, or in your personal life…

…You will understand how creativity can be an invaluable ally in reaching your goals, and we will teach you how to use it to get even better results!


Imagine if you could recall any number you wanted, without having to repeat it ten times and without getting confused…

… You will learn how to memorise historical dates associated with events, sections of legal acts, phone numbers, VAT numbers, numerical codes, PINs, bank account numbers, formulae, theorems and more, all with absolute precision.


Imagine if you could go from zero to fluent in any foreign language you choose…

…You could learn the vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, accents, variations, grammatical rules, exceptions, and alphabets of any language, in just one month or two. With these building blocks in place, fluency can come sooner than you think!


Imagine if you could walk into a room of 50 people and go out of that meeting remembering all their names… 

…You will discover how easy it is to remember the names and faces of the people you meet, no matter how many.


Imagine if you could quickly memorise any list you wanted…

…You will be able to recall classifications, lists of keywords, events in chronological order, to do lists, and procedures.


Imagine if you could understand and use any word you needed…

…You will learn a technique to remember any word of a specific terminology such as medical terms, scientific terms, legal terms, complex words and definitions.


Imagine if you could analyse any text, understanding it deeply…

…You will learn how to make your learning process fully effective by searching for the right keywords and details.


Imagine if you could have complete clarity about what you are studying, what you are teaching, and what your goals are…

…You will learn to utilise mind maps, a technique that many have heard of but only a few understand the full potential of. Based on the main characteristics of our mind, they allow us to take advantage of both the logical and creative cerebral hemispheres, and are the very best tool to synthesise data, information or text in an efficient and clear manner. Use them to take effective notes, prepare speeches, essays, make decisions, plan any goal, manage people, or create business plans.


Imagine if you could study things once and remember them…

…You will learn how to retain information for a longer period of time, even forever if you want to.


Imagine if you could read all the emails and books you want to in less than half the time it takes you now… 

…You will at least double your reading pace, whilst keeping your comprehension as high as it was before, within one month of beginning the course.


Imagine if you could feel at ease delivering a speech and receive congratulations and compliments at the end of it…

…You will learn how to feel comfortable in front of a room full of people, how to create an effective speech and how to deliver it in the most engaging manner.


How far is Rome? Which is the best way to get there?

It depends on where you are leaving from! For your results, it is the same. In order to choose the best way for you to get there, we need to assess what your learning style is, what works for you and what doesn’t. One of our trained mentors will analyse your results and create the best strategic plan for you to get where you want to go!


Techniques will take you from A to B, a method will take you wherever you want to go.

If you wanted to be a novelist, a poet or a journalist, would knowing the alphabet be enough for you? Of course not. The alphabet is a necessary tool, but just a tool. As an author needs to create their writing style, so you need to create your studying method. We are experts at this! The techniques will help you lay down the foundation, the method will build your skyscraper.


Have you ever taken a course and felt a bit lost and on your own once the course was over? It won’t happen here! You will have 7 individual sessions to spend with your personal mentor in order to use their expertise to apply the method on anything you need and achieve all the results you set your mind to.


Keeping track of your progress from A to Z covers a very relevant role. You need to easily know where you were, where you are and where you want to be next. We have found a way to shoot your “before” and “after” shots, so that you can see be more aware of all the steps you are taking.


Group training over one weekend:

FRIDAY from 3.30pm to 10pm

SATURDAY from 9am to 8pm

SUNDAY from 9am to 8pm approximately

In this full immersion weekend, you will learn how to have fun whilst working hard!  We will focus on learning all the memorisation, organisation and reading techniques. You will memorise foreign words, numbers, abstract words and dates. You will learn how to create and use mind maps, how to commit information to your long-term memory, how to focus and concentrate better, and how to increase your creativity. You will also learn the first speed reading techniques, which will be an incredible weapon to keep in your arsenal in order to win your battle against time wasting and boredom.

By the end of this weekend, you will be able to save at least 30% of your time whenever you need to learn or organise anything. If there is no way of following all the three days, we are willing to adapt the structure and cover some parts in other moments of the week.


9 hours of group training to be held on a Saturday.

Here we will focus on deepening the techniques, because once you have been applying them for a few weeks you are ready to raise the bar. It will be very practical, you will be able to bring your own material and to learn advanced techniques (tricks) that will allow you to boost your learning one more time.

THIRD – 2 MONTHS (Skype sessions available)

7 hours of 1-2-1 mentoring.

This part is where you will be able to tailor everything you have learned to your unique characteristics.

After being assessed in order to define the best strategy for you, you will work on applying the techniques on anything you’d like and designing the method to fit your traits and goals.


You will receive constant updates on any new interesting material, apps, events and discoveries. We are focus on constant growth, and you won’t miss out!


We give you the possibility to retake the “Genius in 21 days” course for free for a whole year.


Don’t forget our 100% money back guarantee!

The “Genius in 21 days” method was originally created by Massimo De Donno in Italy.



I came to know about the existence of memory techniques in 2003, when I went to a taster session just to accompany a friend, with no intention of ever taking a course: after all, I had graduated with top marks in Veterinary Medicine, I wasn’t looking for a better study method.

But at the taster session I realised that applying memory techniques I would gain half of my time back. Given that I was starting a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Cardiology while working in a Clinic at night, sparing some time could turn out useful.

The rest is history! I took the course and became very passionate with the techniques and the potential that lay behind them. I realised that even if I had always loved animals, my real mission was to work with people.

I started studying and researching in order to create Genius in 21 Days. I wrote several books and sold over 200,000 copies.  I founded (and have managed since) a company that now counts over 200 people as staff.

I wish that my daughters in the future could find an environment like this, where motivated, enthusiastic people work hard to accomplish their dreams and make a difference for those around them.



At school I loved a lot of different subjects but in 2008 there came a moment in which I needed to choose what to do next.

It was a real dilemma. I wanted to do something that would positively impact the world, and at the same time really make use of my potential. The functioning of our brain had always fascinated me, as had the discovery of new cultures.

In the selection process among all the possible paths, the degrees of Neuroscience and International Relations came to a tie. Eventually, I chose the latter.

However, a few months through my degree, I realised that following that path, I wouldn’t be able to make the kind of impact I wanted.

My A-ha moment came when a diplomat was interviewed in my university. His face was so sad and disillusioned when he told “Inside these four walls we create perfect solutions that will never be applied outside”.

This resonated with the impression I had had in those first months, and I wasn’t willing to experience that sense of powerlessness that I had seen in his eyes. I wanted to have a real impact, and find my own way to do it by living an amazing life.

A few months before, I had come across Genius In 21 Days; I had taken it and I had had amazing results, far beyond any result I had achieved in my studies previously.

I realised how this course could be the answer which I had been searching for. I had loved it, I believed in the impact it could have on whoever took it, it would allow me to interact with people daily and help them achieve extraordinary results, and who knows, maybe also to travel the world… And here I am!



In March 2016, I decided to open our first branch in the UK. We had to adapt some parts of the course to a reality that was very different from our Italian background. It was important to understand what could be tweaked and adjusted to a different country and what had to be considered an unmovable pillar, which required flexibility and firmness at the same time.

What we realised is that people can differ, cultures may vary, typical professions may not be the same, but there is one thing that all successful people share: the will to grow and learn how to do (and be) better.

As human beings, our first innate propension is to love learning. The reason is very simple: if we weren’t apt to learn, we wouldn’t survive, and we wouldn’t evolve. Therefore, we believe that studying shouldn’t be boring and hard, but pleasant and simple. It’s only a matter of knowing which tools to use and how to put them together with our own specific background, learning styles, and natural aptitude.

Our long term goal is to have a huge impact on education, and with dedication and passion we are sure we’ll be able to achieve it!

Don’t forget about our money back guarantee!

If you don’t like the course after two sessions we’ll refund you no questions asked! Read about the money back guarantee.


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