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“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

John Gardner


Whether you are a student studying for tests or a professional climbing the ladder of success, excelling at exams is a special skill that you too can learn.

Student life”: two words that could open two opposite scenarios.

On one side, parties and social life, free time and a lot of fun.

On the other side, long days and nights spent on books, studying hard, revising, working hard in order to get high grades and the career you dream.

They look very antithetic strategies to get through the university years.


Also as a professional, we tend to recreate the emotions we experienced during our years as students. If we decide to get some extra qualification to enhance our career, either we will tend to avoid studying as much as possible, postponing until the last minute and needing to force ourselves to sit in front of a book when necessary (scenario 1), or we will lock ourselves inside a room for months, giving up on our social life and excluding friends from our lives for a while (scenario 2).

But what if we could have the enjoyability of scenario 1 together with the career results of scenario 2?


With the Genius in 21 days method, you will learn how to make studying both pleasant and productive.


You will not need to panic anymore, hoping to make that deadline which is approaching so quickly, regretting that extra drink with your friends, wishing to be able to absorb everything overnight and dreaming of waking up finding that essay you are stuck with ready to be given in.

You will learn how to work on a text from the moment in which you need to decide whether to open a book or do something more enjoyable to the moment in which you close it with a huge, proud smile on your face, knowing you remember it in as much detail as you want.  You will learn how to prepare for the actual exam, both if it is written or oral, and how to surprise every examiner through your competence and your preparation.

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