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Memorise anything
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There is no learning without remembering”



Think for a moment about how many hours you have spent reading books in your life, how much information you have tried to take in, repeating out loud, re-reading and re-writing.

If every piece of information was a brick, and you had to pile up all these bricks, how big would the tower be? It would be incredibly tall and impressive, wouldn’t it? That tower represents your fortress, the starting point to build all the results you want to achieve, because as Julian Barnes said “The more you learn, the less you fear”.

Now, from that tower, remove all the bricks which represent all the information that you don’t remember anymore. Oops! What just happened to your fortress? It probably doesn’t look so stable and vast anymore.

Unfortunately, this is what years spent applying the wrong methods have created: a hollow fortress.

Now imagine if you could learn anything extremely fast, if you could have fun while learning it and if you could remember it forever when needed. How many more bricks would you have in your fortress?


It may sound like an impossible dream, but it’s actually something that our brain is designed to be able to do.


From surviving to evolving, from creating new ideas to solving problems, from looking back to the events in our life to imagining future scenarios, memory is something that we have always needed, since the beginning of time. We have been programmed to use it properly. It’s just a matter of knowing how to have access to the incredible power of our brain.

At the Genius in 21 days course you will learn how to do so, by using extremely effective mnemonic techniques that will allow you to have the certainty of being able to recall any kind of information that you will “store” in your brain with ease.


From the most common…:

  • Names and faces
  • Lists
  • Formulae
  • Abstract words
  • Terminology
  • Foreign words
  • Phone numbers
  • Pin codes and passwords
  • Speeches and pitches
  • Scripts
  • Recipes
  • Songs
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Laws


…To the most complicated:

  • Dance moves
  • Chess moves
  • Music sheets
  • Blueprints
  • Theatre scripts


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