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“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” 

Harry S. Truman


Have you ever thought about how much you read every day? You may think “Well, I’m not a great reader, books are not my thing”, and it could be true. No matter if you like it or not though, there are other sources of reading that take up a lot of you time every day, without you even realising it.

Consider for a moment all the emails that you have to go through every day. Now add to that the time that you spend on social media. According to many studies, on average people spend 1 hour reading posts on social media, and 3 hours reading emails. Per day.

Even if your inbox is not as full as the average worker’s, when people actually sit down and calculate how much time they spend reading every day, no one says lower than 2 hours, with a lot of people getting up to 6-8 hours, according to the profession.

Now imagine if you could halve that time, keeping your comprehension as high as it was before.

If you read even just 4 hours per day, by applying our reading techniques you will save at least 2 hours per day. This means that in a year you would gain 30 24-hour days! One month!


It sounds like a dream, but it is actually possible.


At the Genius in 21 Days you will learn Strategic Reading, a reading method that will not only let you read in half of the time, but also allow you to understand better.

You will learn how to actively use your brain in order to comprehend and absorb what you need, selecting the pieces of information that you need to know in further detail and the ones that you just need to know globally, putting together all the techniques that you may have heard (skimming, scanning, critical reading, previewing, etc) but in a new, multifaceted way that will help you rediscover your passion for reading.

And this is not even the best part. What’s even better is that this rediscovered passion will ignite your drive to know everything you can about the topics you are passionate about. Knowledge creates competence, and competence builds confidence. Confidence, when supported by competence, is exactly what attracts clients, job interviewers, investors. It doesn’t happen overnight, but applying Strategic Reading it will happen in at most half the time it would take you now!


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