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Genius in 21 Days – Our Solutions

I’m sure you experience at least one, if not more, of these problems on a daily basis. Take a moment to imagine how solving those problems would improve your studying, work or personal life. You don’t just have to imagine, you can learn to do all of these and more with Genius in 21 Days – find out how.

P – I never have enough time to read? I never seem to remember what I read, even after a few hours!

S – Imagine if you could read all the emails and books you want to in less than half the time it takes you now. You will at least double your reading pace, whilst keeping your comprehension as high as it was before, within one month of beginning the course

P – I find it difficult to recall information after a few weeks and months.

S – Imagine if you could study things once and remember them. You will learn how to retain information for a longer period of time, even forever if you want to.

P – I can never remember names and or people? It is both frustrating and embarrassing.

S – Imagine if you could walk into a room of 50 people and go out of that meeting remembering all their names. You will discover how easy it is to remember the names and faces of the people you meet, no matter how many.

P – I struggle to remember more than 3 or 4 numbers. I always have to write them down.

S – Imagine if you could recall any number you wanted, without having to repeat it ten times and without getting confused. You will learn how to memorise historical dates associated with events, sections of legal acts, phone numbers, VAT numbers, numerical codes, PINs, bank account numbers, formulae, theorems and more, all with absolute precision.

P – I find it difficult to speak or present to an audience. I forget what I should be saying and I become nervous.

S – Imagine if you could feel at ease delivering a speech and receive congratulations and compliments at the end of it. You will learn how to feel comfortable in front of a room full of people, how to create an effective speech and how to deliver it in the most engaging manner.

P – I would love to learn a new language however I always struggle to remember the translation and word

S – Imagine if you could go from zero to fluent in any foreign language you choose. You could learn the vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, accents, variations, grammatical rules, exceptions, and alphabets of any language, in just one month.

P – I never seem to have enough time to complete what I need. I feel unorganised

S – Imagine if you could go home knowing you’ve done everything you had planned (or even more!). You will learn how to manage the time at your disposal to do a lot more things with a lot less stress.

P – I find it difficult to motivate myself to start and continue my work

S – Imagine if you could feel enthusiastic, motivated and energetic any time you need to study! We will teach you the right mind-set to learn anything and get better results. You will understand how to keep your motivation high during all the phases of the process to reach your goals.

P – I find it hard to concentrate long enough to work or study effectively.

S – Imagine if you could stop being distracted. You will learn all the necessary tools to remain 100% focused whilst carrying out any type of task, no matter how tedious it may be, how tired you are, or how busy your mind is.

P – I find it difficult to organise my study or work. I find myself wasting valuable time.

S – Imagine if you could have complete clarity about what you are studying, what you are teaching, and what your goals are. You will learn to utilise mind maps, a technique that many have heard of but only a few understand the full potential of. Based on the main characteristics of our mind, they allow us to take advantage of both the logical and creative cerebral hemispheres, and are the very best tool to synthesise data, information or text in an efficient and clear manner. Use them to take effective notes, prepare speeches, essays, make decisions, plan any goal, manage people, or create business plans.

P – My work or study requires me to understand, remember and pronounce complicated names or terms.

S – Imagine if you could understand and use any word you needed. You will learn a technique to remember any word of a specific terminology such as medical terms, scientific terms, legal terms, complex words and definitions.

P – Sometimes I struggle to create new ideas. I find myself in a rut and working in the same way over again.

S – Imagine if you could consistently come up with useful ideas to solve problems and raise the bar in your business, in your studies, or in your personal life. You will understand how creativity can be an invaluable ally in reaching your goals, and we will teach you how to use it to get even better results!

P – I find it difficult to relax because of the pressure of study, work and/or everyday life.

S – Imagine if you could stop feeling anxious when you’re under pressure. You will learn to manage stress and agitation during any kind of performance, such as exams, speeches, or interviews, and when deadlines are approaching.

"I especially admire those who study a lot, with drive and determination, fighting off stress, worries and fear of failure with might."

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