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How to Be More Creative?

Are you creative? And have you watched “Gifted Hands”, the story of Ben Carson? I’ll show you how the two are related.

At times, people ask me how I can find solutions to apparently unsolvable problems. I don’t consider myself creative “by nature”. I am very rational and although at times this turns out to be useful in life, when we are talking about creativity, rationality is often seen as its big enemy.

However, I believe that for the rational types like me there is a solution to make rationality a friend, the key to creativity. It is to break down creativity into its key elements.

A good example of this is Ben Carson that, in the movie “Gifted Hands”, finds a solution for performing an extremely dangerous surgery in a successful way for the first time by looking at a dripping sink, which (apparently) had nothing to do with the surgery itself.

So we could say that creativity is:

1. Linking old dots…

This comes for knowing as much as you can, studying as much as you can, about every possible topic that comes to your mind (and that you are interested in).

2. … in a new way

This comes from practising making absurd connection between things. Connections that (apparently) make no sense, but that end up taking you to a path that actually makes perfect sense.

My homework for you today is: what is a topic that you know nothing about but that you would be interested in learning? Why don’t you start by reading an article about it?

Once you have, try and find as many connections as possible with things that relate to other topics. It doesn’t matter whether they make sense or not, it will be a simple and useful exercise to add more dots to your knowledge and to start linking them in new ways!

'For the rational types like me there is a solution to make rationality a friend'

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