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How to Read 2x Faster in One Hour  With The "Genius in 21 Days Method"

Over 1,000 Certified Testimonials in 2018

Here's What You're Going to Discover During The FREE Event: 

The 3 most common mistakes people make when reading… and how to fix them

The 3 ingredients to make your reading 2X faster straight away 

How to improve your whole learning process so that you can remember what you read and retain any information you want for a longer period – even forever if you want 

And much, much more...

"Genius in 21 Days"  currently operates in 6 countries with 40+ offices. It’s the only advanced learning company with over 1,000 certified testimonials per year.

Our students not only learn how to absorb any information they need, how to excel in any exam and speak any language they’d like, but most importantly they rediscover their innate passion - and ability - for learning. 

This FREE training class reveals the foundation of the most advanced speed reading and strategic reading techniques in the world.

By applying what learned, you will be able to read at least twice as fast.

And this is only the beginning: once you master the techniques we teach at Genius in 21 Days, you will be able to study in half the time, recall any detail with ease, learn as many foreign languages as you want, remember names and faces of people, and retain information for a longer period of time, even forever if you want to.

I used to think I was a slow reader, and during the course my reading speed prior to learning the techniques was 172 words per minute. After learning and implementing the techniques, my fastest three recorded reading speeds have been 1040, 1100, and 1137 words per minute. I used another reading technique to read through a 235 page book in just 20 minutes!

Zachin Rao  //  University Student

Initially, I was afraid the course wasn’t worth the money but now I only regret not having taken it much sooner!!! In only 2 weeks I increased my reading speed from 172 words/minute to 473 and still growing! I can now spend more time with my loved ones despite studying besides working!

Unlike other courses, Genius in 21 Days includes invaluable one-to-one mentoring sessions which ultimately helped me memorise 1012 Italian words in 18 days.

Nora Deme  //  Customer Experience Manager

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