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One Mentor Vs Many Mentors

The more I go on, the more I realise how important it is to surround yourself with mentors.

What is the difference between having one mentor vs. having many? 

The way I see it, mentors are people who are masters at one specific thing and have all the characteristics I mentioned in our last video. There is no one who can be an expert at EVERTHING at once, and there is no one who can direct your life as well as you can. A lot of people look for mentors hoping to find someone they will follow blindly to get all the answers they don’t want to find themselves. 

The line is thin, but it makes all the difference. You can have many mentors at any time of your life, and if you are focused on your growth you’ll never stop adding their knowledge and experience to yours. Amazing.

However, mentors cannot become the excuse not to take responsibility for your life. Your life is yours, so learn from people next to you, but always keep your individual touch, your uniqueness, your freedom of expression. If you add what you learn from them to who you are, you will get stronger, richer, more powerful and more responsible.

So my homework for you today is this. Think about a skill that you want to improve. Where can you find a mentor to help you improve that skill?

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