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Your Study Sanctuary

Have you ever felt you had to study but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Maybe you were sitting at your desk, ready to start, when something else came to your mind, an urgent email to check, an interesting post to read, an important errand to run, a text to be sent immediately.⁣

One action that will make a quick positive difference is related to the environment you have around you. ⁣

For most people it will be hard to focus in environments where there are many triggers to other activities. You may be able to do it from time to time, but in the long-run you may lose some motivation. Investing a little time to create your Study Sanctuary will make a huge difference. ⁣

So how do you create it?⁣

Understand what kind of environment works for you. All of us are different, also when choosing the environment. The best thing you could do is to think back to a time in which you really felt focused and concentrated (if it ever happened!). Where were you? In your room? In a library? In a park? At school? In a café? There is no right answer.⁣

Analyse what sounds define that environment. Nature sounds? Light music? Silence?⁣

Analyse what objects define that environment. Are there many objects? Are they tidy or messy? What are the main colours? Again, there is no right answer.⁣

Reproduce everything you can in your Study Sanctuary. Some things will be easy (background music, some kinds of objects like books, colours, pens, water,…), other aspects may be more of a challenge, so we will need to adapt. For example, if your environment included a forest, how do you recreate trees in your room or office? Any kind of trigger will be good. In this case, make sure you have plants in your Study Sanctuary, at least one. You could also use some diffusers to reproduce the smell of some specific flowers. Your limit is your imagination. ⁣

Make sure you have everything you may need at hand: texts you need to learn from, internet access if necessary, paper, pens, colours, water, snacks (if you know you like munching while learning). This will remove any reason to get distracted once you have started your session.

Enjoy your newly found focus!

Disclaimer. While it is true that creating your own Study Sanctuary works magic for your focus, it is also true that whenever you have to learn something in a new, less “focused” place, you shouldn’t use the lack of your Study Sanctuary as an excuse not to sit down and just learn anywhere. There are techniques and strategies which will help you to keep your focus anywhere!

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