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To Create Momentum

I view momentum as a snowball which becomes bigger and bigger as it moves downhill, growing more and more powerful by the second. 

The problem is that when we think about momentum, we often focus on the snowball when it is at its biggest, at the end of the process. We tend to forget that that snowball was once a small ball that began moving at one specific moment in time and from there it added more and more mass to itself, second after second. 

So how can you use this message? By remembering that if you want to create momentum, you are the one who needs to start moving this small snowball as soon as possible. There is no time to waste. And if you want to keep the momentum, you need to give value to each moment along the way, because there is where you will find what you need in order to grow the snowball and to achieve something that’s even bigger than what the small snowball envisioned when it started its journey.

Creating momentum is fundamental in order to have enough energy to build big goals. It works when you study and you need to prepare for an exam, just as it does when you have a project you want to focus on at work. Momentum is the energy that allows you to ride the wave; it makes you feel that you have the resources to achieve what you want. If you don’t create momentum, the impact you will have on that exam or that project will be hardly as strong as it could be. If you lose it, you will need to start almost from scratch again. 

What makes the whole difference is to realise that momentum is nothing but the sum of all the moments it is made up of.

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